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Customer experience design course


Customer Experience Design (CXD)

Jonathan Ng Common
Jonathan Ng
Partner, Innovation Design, Common

Jonathan is a transdisciplinary designer. His last 15 years in the design industry was spent conceptualising and launching innovative experiences for some of the world’s most renowned brands. He is an entrepreneur, an intrapreneur, and a design educator. His work in innovation has won global accolades and recognition. By balancing strategic thinking with a keen eye for design, he helps client partners push the boundaries of conventionality to achieve commercial success.

Learning Outcomes

  • How to translate CX investments to business value

  • How to audit and identify gaps in your current CX

  • How to generate opportunities to improve CX

  • How to evaluate and prioritise the opportunities

  • How to build a business case for your CX project

Online format

6 hours instructor-led training

Divided into 2 sessions, 

3 hours each

Competency level



Receive a certificate of completion

Course Fee

SGD 400 per pax

Run This Course In-House

Min 4 pax

Questions? Drop us a note!

Course Agenda

Session 1: Introducing CX: What’s your weakest link?

Learn the real business value of CX, and how to audit and identify the problems in your current customer experience.

  • Translating CX investments to business value

  • The value chain of customer experience

  • What are the ingredients of best-in-class CX?

  • The TRADER tool for evaluating CX

Case study: How Starbucks pioneered the experience economy

Activity: Evaluating your service with the TRADER tool

Session 2: CX strategy: Identify and pick the right battles

Get to the bottom of your CX gaps by generating multiple hypotheses of the root cause, and evaluate your current ability to address them.

  • Why CX problems are never as simple as they seem

  • The 5 Whys tool for uncovering true CX opportunities

  • Identifying pockets of opportunity along journey-based customer experiences

  • Effectual thinking as a beacon through uncertainty

Case study: Dive into the “where to play” and “how to win” of a CX strategy


  • Generate opportunities with 5 Whys tool

  • Prioritise opportunities with the Effectual model

Session 3: Preparing a CX pilot: Gather your allies and supplies

Build a convincing case for your CX innovation project by creating a robust, well-thought-through plan.

  • What matters to stakeholders

  • How to build a cross-functional CX team

  • Overcoming common objections to CX

  • Cover your ground with the CX Pilot Canvas

Case study: Breaking down the business case for a CX pilot

Activity: Ensuring stakeholder buy-in with a CX pilot canvas

Participant Testimonials

"Interactive and Jonathan uses good examples to make it easier to understand."​

"Broken down into easy to absorb sections. Each topic or point that the trainer is trying to get across is illustrated by an exercise to reinforce what has been taught."

"Very interactive and helpful."

"Different frameworks provided."

Who Should Attend

  • Directors and managers of service quality and customer-centric initiatives

  • Professionals in the fields of customer experience, product management, marketing, quality assurance, operations, collaborative partnership or customer analytics


Before the course:

  • Join the WhatsApp group chat to receive course updates

  • Complete the pre-course assessment form

Day of the course:

  • Enter the meeting via the Zoom link

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