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Who We Are

Hannah Goh The Experience Effect

Hannah Goh

Founder and Head of Client Experience

Hannah has 10 years of experience in the corporate training industry. She began her career as a Conference Producer at an event management company, eventually becoming the General Manager.

Clients she has worked with include MNCs and large local companies from the private and public sectors. She has managed over 250 workshops and business conferences in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Dubai and China, covering a range of topics on digital marketing, communications, community engagement, internal audit, legal and compliance.

Why We Do What We Do

We believe in creating people-centred businesses. Our vision is to help employees become the heart of every business. We are passionate about our mission and driven by our values.

What Guides Us

People before business

Everyone deserves respect

Trust is the foundation of all relationships

Never compromise your integrity

A heart that cares

Always be real

Empower lives

Take pride in your work

Interested To Join Our Family? 

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