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4 ways we keep it engaging for you:

Bite-size sessions


Bite-size sessions

Our courses are broken down into 3-hour sessions.


Interactive activities

Instructor-led training + hands-on exercises

Hands-on learning


Small class size

Maximum class size of 15 to optimise engagement

Small class size


engagement tools

Collaborative boards, quizzes, polls, video, chat

Engagement tools

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SEO Course

Tight on time but looking to get up to speed on the latest strategies?



UX Design Course

In-depth content, hands-on practice exercises and real-world case studies

DiGital Marketing Bootcamp

Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Power-packed 18-hour programme to equip with you the latest industry best practices

Digital Marketing
3-HOur CRASH courses

Search-friendly content strategy crash course

Search-Friendly Content Strategy 
Crash Course

22 Feb, 9 am – 12 pm (GMT+8)

Get started with a data-driven evergreen content strategy! Effectively conduct keyword research and develop content that generates organic traffic. Analyse and optimise your content performance.

Data Storytelling & Reporting Crash Course

Data Storytelling & Reporting 
Crash Course

10 MARCH, 9 AM – 12 pm (GMT+8)

Gain hands-on experience in developing your first data story! Acquire best practices in data cleaning, data visualisation and reporting automation.

Social media analytics crash course

Social Media Analytics 
Crash Course

Adopt Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn metrics that matter for your business. Develop meaningful organic and paid social media reports. Learn how to analyse data to make content and optimisation decisions.

Digital strategy crash course

Developing a Winning Digital Strategy Crash Course

Acquire a holistic digital marketing strategy roadmap for your brand! Learn how to analyse your industry and customer segments and grasp the latest digital marketing landscape.

Email marketing crash course

Email Marketing Crash Course

Discover how to develop effective email marketing drip campaigns. Walkthrough real-life examples to acquire email marketing best practices. Find out how to run meaningful A/B testing to optimise your campaigns.

Google Data Studio Crash Course

Google DATA STUDIO Crash Course

Gain hands-on experience in developing a Google Analytics report from scratch. Find out how to automate reporting, apply filters, create custom metrics and blend data sources.

Digital Marketing
6-HOur courses

Facebook Ads Course


9-10 Feb, 9 AM – 12 pm (GMT+8)

Drawing on his experience as a former Business Education Trainer at Facebook (via Rubicor), get the inside scoop on Facebook’s best practices in bidding and optimisation, creative, A/B testing and measurement.

Google Analytics Course

Google analytics 4 COMPLETE COURSE

25-26 Jan, 9 AM – 12 pm (GMT+8)

In this intermediate course, learn how to develop a measurement strategy, identify insights that matter, and get started with attribution modelling and reporting automation.

Search Engine Optimisation Strategy course

Search Engine Optimisation Strategy

11-12 MAY, 9 am – 12 pm (GMT+8)

Discover how to develop search-friendly pages, create SEO friendly content to rank on SERPs, and adopt SEO metrics that matter.

Google ads campaign optimisation course

Google Ads Campaign Optimisation

16-17 FEB, 9 AM – 12 pm (GMT+8)

Discover how to budget for paid search, set-up campaigns with attention to details, and optimise your Google Ads campaigns to maximise ROI. 

Digital measurement and analytics course


2-3 MArCH, 9 AM – 12 pm (GMT+8)

Learn how to set business objectives and KPIs, and acquire the latest measurement tactics for eCommerce, B2B, Facebook advertising and Google Ads.

Content Marketing Course

Content Marketing Strategy

27-28 APRIL, 9 AM – 12 pm (GMT+8)

Find out how to create search-friendly content, develop content that beat social media algorithms, and measure your content marketing efforts.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Digital Marketing Bootcamp

6 weekly x 3-hour sessions

Our Digital Marketing Bootcamp is a power-packed 18-hour programme to hone your digital marketing skills and equip with you the latest industry best practices. Takeaway actionable strategies in Google Analytics, SEO, Facebook Advertising, Google Ads and Website Optimisation.

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participant Testimonials

Went in thinking I know enough basics, proven wrong at every session. Learnt so many new things. Thank you so much for your guidance!

The course was one of the most complicated and detailed sessions I have attended, but the trainer was able to fully explain it from a marketer’s perspective which was quite refreshing.

The trainer explained everything in an easy-to-digest manner. A lot of samples/demos were shown throughout the session which made it super easy to understand.

For the longest time, we have only just used Page Insights and Creator Studio for our analytical reporting, but never knew Facebook Analytics existed till today.

The trainer was very clear in his delivery and I like that he emphasised on strategic and critical thinking. Helps bring the platform into perspective instead of merely teaching us how to read the data.

Very informative. I liked that there was a pre-course assessment and that the questions I raised were also brought up in the course later, which really helped me."

Broken down into easy to absorb sections. Each topic or point that the trainer is trying to get across is illustrated by an exercise to reinforce what has been taught.

The trainer is knowledgeable about the content and patient in addressing our doubts. The workbook/exercises were good hands-on practice as well.

Learnt a lot, learning tools were interesting and engaging. Also liked that there were different case studies cited to spark inspiration for our own programmes.

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