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Video Production & Marketing Course - The Experience Effect

Video Production & Marketing on a Budget

Wed - Thurs, 19 - 20 Apr

9 am - 12 pm (GMT+8)

No prior experience is required! Join this hands-on course to acquire frameworks, free tools and basic techniques to create engaging videos on a low budget.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how video marketing can deliver results for your business

  • Learn about different video genres

  • Learn how to define your goals and target audience with the consumer journey

  • Learn how to measure your video campaign’s success

  • Understand the hero, hub, hygiene framework

  • Learn how to conceptualise a video

  • Learn the essentials of pre-production, such as budgeting and creating a call sheet

  • Learn how to write a video script

  • Learn the fundamentals of production, such as storyboarding and cinematography

  • Learn basic video editing through the use of free online video editing tools

  • Learn best practices to boost your video’s discoverability

  • Learn how to effectively collaborate with creative agencies on video projects

Online Format

6 hours instructor-led

Divided into 2 sessions,

3 hours each




Receive an e-certificate of completion

Course Fee

SGD 400 per pax

Group Discount

10% off for 3 pax or more

Bundle Deal

10% off when you sign up for 3 courses!

Questions? Drop us a note!

wayne teng.jpg
Wayne Teng
Video Program Manager & Video Producer

Experienced video specialist and video production trainer, with 9 years of experience across various genres for both television and social media. Highly versatile, with work experiences ranging from MNCs to startups.


Video marketing and production experience:

  • 9 years of experience across production houses, television networks and tech organisations

  • Developed video content strategies for leading brands including Google, Asian Food Channel and MoneySmart

  • Produced videos for clients including Visa, Samsung and Royal Caribbean International

  • Established Google APAC’s AdMob in-house video production capabilities

  • Proficient in pre-production, production and post-production

  • Vertical expertise: Education, travel, food & beverage, insurance, tech, entertainment

Trainer experience:

  • Trained over 100 marketers and aspiring video producers worldwide

  • Trained Googlers worldwide on the fundamentals of studio and home-based video production

Course Agenda

Session 1: Video Marketing Foundations

  • Why video marketing?

  • Video genres: Long-form vs Short-form

  • Defining campaign goals and target audience

  • Creating successful video content with the hero, hub, hygiene model

  • Tailoring your content for different social platforms (E.g. YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook)

  • SEO best practices

  • Measuring your video campaign’s success

  • ​Group activity: Create a video concept

Session 2: Pre-production

Learn how to plan a video production shoot.

  • Planning your production budget 

  • Writing a video script with research 

  • Creating a call sheet

  • Creating a shot list

  • Group activity: Write a video script


Session 3: Production

Learn how to tell a story with simple but effective footage.

  • Understanding basic production equipment (e.g. Mobile phone, Lavalier mic)

  • Framing a shot

  • Understanding technical camera settings such as aspect ratio and white balance

  • Group activity: Create a storyboard


Session 4: Post-production

Master the basics of video editing.

  • Organising a video editing project

  • Trimming your footage for impact

  • Enhancing your video with graphics and music

  • Editing videos with web-based tools (E.g. Adobe Express, Vimeo, WeVideo, Kapwing)

  • Group activity: Edit a simple vlog


Session 5: Creating an Effective Thumbnail

Unlock the secrets behind creating captivating thumbnails to hook your audience.

  • The importance of thumbnails

  • Useful design techniques to make your thumbnails stand out

  • Group activity: Design an attention-grabbing thumbnail


Session 6: Working with Creative Agencies

Learn how to effectively collaborate with creative agencies on video projects.

  • Picking the right company

  • Aligning your expectations

  • The Dos and Don’ts of being on set

  • Creative agency post-production workflow

  • Group activity: Share your positive and negative experiences!

Course Prerequisites

  • No prior video production and editing experience is required.

Who Should Attend

  • Junior Marketing Executives

  • Junior Digital Marketing Managers

  • Marketing Managers

  • Marketing Directors

  • Digital Marketing Managers

  • Digital Marketing Directors

  • Brand Managers

  • Content Marketers

  • PPC Specialists

  • Media Leads


Before the Course

Join the WhatsApp group chat to receive course updates

Complete the pre-course assessment to help the trainer understand your challenges and learning goals

Watch a list of short videos that will be discussed during the course


Download a folder of video clips that will be used for a simple video editing exercise

Day of the Course

Join the Zoom meeting

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