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Course trainer
Stephen Tracy
Chief Operating Officer, Milieu Insight
Stephen Tracy

Stephen is an award winning analytics and research practitioner, analytics evangelist, blogger, teacher, and all around designer of things made with data. He has more than ten years’ experience working in the field of business analytics, primary research and data visualisation. He recently joined Milieu Insight, a Singapore based B2C2B consumer data company, as Chief Operating Officer. Prior to joining the Milieu team Stephen was Managing Director, Southeast Asia at YouGov where he oversaw business operations and growth for 3 markets and 50 staff. He's also held senior roles building, managing and leading data and insight teams at agencies like MRM/McCann and Publicis.Sapient.

Stephen has a deep passion for teaching. He has served as an instructor with the Singapore Civil Service College, General Assembly and HyperIsland, he frequently guest lectures at the National University of Singapore (NUS), and regularly speaks at industry events across APAC. During his spare time he also maintains a personal blog where he writes about business analytics, storytelling and data visualisation at

Course objectives

Learning Outcomes

  • How to apply a measurement framework to measure Facebook page and content performance

  • How to select meaningful metrics that align with your business or campaign objectives

  • Understand how to use the Facebook Analytics dashboard

  • Optimising post/content performance based on data

Online course

Online Format

6 hours instructor-led training

Divided into 2 sessions, 

3 hours each

Course competency

Competency Level




Receive a certificate of completion

Course fee

Course Fee

SGD 400 per pax

In-house training

Run This Course In-House

Min 6 pax

Questions? Drop us a note!

Course agenda

Course Agenda

Session 1: Applying a measurement framework

Before jumping into a measurement tool or dashboard, you need to apply a measurement framework that helps you align your measurement needs with your business objectives. This session will introduce you to the Impact Measurement Framework, and how you can apply it to marketing measurement on Facebook.

  • What is a measurement framework and why is it important?

  • Overview of the Impact Measurement Framework and how to apply it

Case studies

Case study: A tale of 2 campaigns

In this case study, we’ll investigate examples of 2 brand campaigns, one which applied a measurement framework and another that did not, and how this impacted stakeholder reporting and how actionable their campaign results were. 

Hands-on learning

Activity: Identifying metrics that matter part 1

In this short activity, you will be tasked with choosing and then defending metrics based on a campaign scenario.

Session 2: Intro to Facebook Analytics dashboard

In this session we open up the Facebook Analytics dashboard and provide you with an overview of the interface.

  • Understand how to navigate the Facebook Analytics interface

  • Using the Demo account to sharpen your analyst skills

  • Overview of Facebook Page Analytics

Case studies

Case study: Facebook Analytics success stories

In this case study, we’ll look at a few examples of data driven Facebook campaigns who successfully applied a measurement framework.

Hands-on learning

Activity: From insight to action

In this short activity, you will leverage the Facebook Demo account to uncover insights that drive real action for a fictional campaign.

Session 3: Selecting metrics that matter

Building on the measurement framework from session 1, in this session we’ll dive deeper into how to choose meaningful metrics that align directly with your business and campaign objectives.

  • What are commons metrics on Facebook

  • How to categorise metrics based on campaign objectives

  • Creating derived metrics

Case studies

Case study: The risk of vanity metrics

In this case study, we look at a campaign that focused on vanity metrics and how this hinders your opportunities to act on your data.

Hands-on learning

Activity: Identifying metrics that matter part 2

Building on the first activity, we now re-visit the metrics selection activity in session 1 and build on this with what we’ve learned.

Session 4: Deep dive into Facebook Page Analytics

In this session, we’ll look deeper into how you can use Facebook Analytics to measure the performance of your marketing/communications activities at both the Page and Content/Post level.

  • Key page vs Content/Post level metrics

  • How to use Analytics to grow your page presence

  • How to use Analytics to improve your content performance

  • Audience/cohort analysis

Hands-on learning

Activity: Knowing Your Audience

In this activity, you will dive into the audience profiling and demographics data to identify gaps in your current page performance.

Session 5: Custom dashboards in Facebook Analytics

In this session, we’ll explore the custom dashboard feature in Facebook analytics, and how you can use this to create customised and tailored dashboards to report on each of your campaigns.

  • What are custom dashboards in Facebook Analytics

  • How to build a custom dashboard, and when

Hands-on learning

Activity: Campaign insights, made to measure

After having learned how to set up a custom dashboard, in this activity you’ll be given a fictional campaign and will be required to create and showcase a custom dashboard.

Session 6: Content optimisation

In this final session, we’ll explore how you can leverage data to learn from your Facebook post content performance and use these learning to create better performing content going forward.

  • Types of content optimisation

  • Running A/B tests

  • Avoiding false positives when acting on content performance

Hands-on learning

Activity: Data driven content 

In this activity, you will be given a number of Facebook posts and outcomes data (e.g. engagement rate, likes, comments, etc) and you will be required to use this data to surface content recommendations for future content.

Participant testimonials

Participant Testimonials

"For the longest time, we have only just used Page Insights and Creator Studio for our analytical reporting, but never knew Facebook Analytics existed till today."

"Very useful to know what can be tracked and measured, and how putting the many different data points together can tell performance."

"Insightful introduction to Facebook Analytics and the different tools available for different metrics."

"Went into what types of data is available and how we can actually analyse the various data sets."

"Case studies were relevant and tips given for content optimisation and benchmarking were very useful."

Target audience

Who Should Attend

Marketers and communications specialists, brand managers, planners, researchers

Course preparation


Before the course:

  • Join the WhatsApp group chat to receive course updates

  • Complete the pre-course assessment form

Day of the course:

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