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Course trainer
Sotirios Seridis

Experienced performance marketing professional and digital marketing trainer with over 10 years of multi-national experience working with leading media agencies and corporations on performance marketing, digital analytics, and marketing automation.

Digital marketing experience:

  • 10 years in digital marketing x digital strategy x digital analytics

  • Built x2 performance marketing departments from the ground-up

  • Worked with agencies like Mediacom, Wavemaker, Essence, PHD, HAVAS

  • Worked with Unilever, Volkswagen, Etihad Airways, Google and various Fortune 500 companies

  • Hands-on and best-in-class at paid search, paid social, digital analytics, SEO, e-commerce

  • Vertical expertise: Education, travel, hospitality, online marketplaces, automotive, financial services, real estate, e-commerce retail, FMCG retail, entertainment, food & beverage

Trainer experience:

  • Former Business Education Trainer at Facebook (via Rubicor)

  • Trained over 20 company and agency teams in Google Ads, SEO, analytics and paid social

  • Trained over 100 career changers in digital marketing, enabling them to secure a role in tech

  • Up-skilled over 500 individuals in digital marketing and analytics across SEA

Course objectives

Learning objectives

  • Understand how to set up business objectives and KPIs

  • Learn the fundamentals of Google Analytics

  • Learn how to measure brand objectives

  • Understand E-Commerce analytics and measurement

  • Understand B2B analytics and measurement

  • Understand Facebook advertising measurement

  • Understand Google Ads measurement

  • Acquire A/B testing fundamentals

Online course

Online format

6 hours instructor-led training

Divided into 2 sessions, 

3 hours each

Course competency

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Course fee

Course Fee

SGD 400 per pax

In-house training

run this course in-house

Min 4 pax

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Course agenda

Course agenda

Session 1: Business Objectives and KPIs

Understand how to set up business objectives and KPIs. Learn the fundamentals of Google Analytics. Find out how to measure brand objectives.

  • Objectives laddering [framework]

  • OKRs (Objectives and Key Results)

  • Google Analytics fundamentals

  • Brand measurement

Hands-on learning

Activity: Objectives laddering [framework]

Session 2: E-Commerce Analytics and Measurement

Understand how to track and measure E-Commerce performance.

  • E-Commerce business metrics

  • Calculate E-Commerce profitability

  • Identify your ideal CPA and margin

  • Learn how to calculate CTLV

  • Optimise your E-Commerce conversion rate

Case studies

Case study: Live walkthrough on E-Commerce analytics

Session 3: B2B Analytics and Measurement

Understand how to track and measure B2B performance.

  • B2B business metrics

  • Identify your ideal CPA and CVR

  • Optimise your B2B marketing funnel

Session 4: Understand Facebook and Google Advertising Measurement

Learn all about Facebook and Google Ads campaign measurement and analytics.

  • Facebook metrics that matter

  • Facebook brand and conversion lift studies

  • How to optimise your Facebook campaigns

  • Audience Reports

  • Google Ads metrics that matter

  • How to optimise your Google Ads campaigns

Session 5: A/B Testing and Advanced Measurement Tactics

Understand A/B testing fundamentals

  • A / B testing methodology

  • A / B testing tools

  • Statistical significance

Target audience


  • Junior marketing executives

  • Junior digital marketing managers

  • Marketing managers

  • Marketing directors

  • Digital marketing managers

  • Digital marketing directors

  • Brand managers

  • Content marketers

  • PPC specialists

  • Media leads

Course prerequisites

Course Prerequisites

  • Basic knowledge of digital marketing channels and tactics

  • Basic familiarity with Google Analytics

  • Basic familiarity with Facebook Ads and Google Ads

Course preparation


Before the course:

  • Join the WhatsApp group chat to receive course updates

  • Complete the pre-course assessment form

Day of the course:

  • Enter the meeting via the Zoom link