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Google Data Studio Crash Course

Google DATA STUDIO Crash Course

18 May, 9 AM - 12 pm (GMT+8)

Gain hands-on experience in developing a Google Analytics report from scratch. Find out how to automate reporting, apply filters, create custom metrics and blend data sources.

Social media analytics crash course

Social Media Analytics 
Crash Course

Adopt Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn metrics that matter for your business. Develop meaningful organic and paid social media reports. Learn how to analyse data to make content and optimisation decisions.

Data Storytelling & Reporting Crash Course

DATA Storytelling & REporting 
Crash Course

Gain hands-on experience in developing your first data story! Acquire best practices in data cleaning, data visualisation and reporting automation.

Search-friendly content strategy crash course

Search-Friendly Content Strategy 
Crash Course

Get started with a data-driven evergreen content strategy! Effectively conduct keyword research and develop content that generates organic traffic. Analyse and optimse your content performance.

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Email Marketing Crash Course

Discover how to develop effective email marketing drip campaigns. Walkthrough real-life examples to acquire email marketing best practices. Find out how to run meaningful A/B testing to optimise your campaigns.